About The Cast:
Laura Holterman, Sarah Wallisch, Mandi Veeder, Andrea Roedel-Schroeder, Featured Guests

Laura Holterman actor, writer, director (Variety Hour Happy Hour, Boozy Bard, Schmitz n Giggles, Cabaret MKE) rescue dog mom, kickboxer, and amateur cook after watching too many episodes of Chopped is ready to relive and reveal the shameful literature that shaped her childhood. It’s shocking what you find at garage sales as a kid.

Sarah Wallisch actor, writer, director (Boozy bard, Vaginaty Hour Happy Hour), Jane Austen Nerd, arts dabbler, cat mom, is putting down her knitting to talk questionable literature choices. As a person who read a lot of non-questionable literature as a child, Sarah may be the most confused person here. 

Mandi Veeder actor, writer, director, script editor (Boozy Bard, Vaginity Hour Happy Hour,Waukesha Civic Theatre, Schmitz n Giggles) early childhood teacher, cat mom, and anxiety-ridden, well-intentioned garbage person is ready to share her encyclopedic knowledge of gothic drama and historical romance on an unsuspecting audience. 

Andrea Roedel-Schroeder is lucky enough to have worked with a number of amazing local companies such as Boozy Bard, Variety Hour Happy Hour, Schmitz n Giggles, Waukesha Civic Theatre, and more. Between being onstage, backstage, or hanging around the house with loving husband Jason and their adorable pets, Andrea is a fan of all things spooky and strange! This tendency began early with questionable, scandalous, and (in retrospect) hilarious reading material as a youth... which means there are some real doozies to revisit from this bookworm's history. Buckle up & let's dive in to the weirdness! 

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